Art Information Commons

Coffee with the Commons

June 2019 - Ongoing
Coffee with the Commons is a regular open forum designed to both inform and engage museum staff in the initiative. Staff continue to provide valuable insights and information at each session. At the first two Coffee with the Commons, we facilitated a task brainstorm activity in which we asked participants to identify their tasks and challenges related to six categories of art information. This helped to highlight several broad themes across the institution, provide a broad understanding of how people are interacting with art information, and understand where points of friction may exist. These insights have been sorted to more deeply comprehend user needs and common tasks being performed across the institution. You may view a task information exercise we conducted at one of the Coffee with the Commons here.

Now that we are in the prototype phase, we have paused the regular all staff forum while we work on the tech build. However, once this phase is complete, we will hold a final Coffee with the Commons to review the newly created and staff-tested prototype.

The Art Information Commons at the Philadelphia Museum of Art has been made possible by the Mellon Foundation.